Vodafone External Newsletter

Monthly newsletter design for Vodafone UK.

The task was to create a monthly newsletter design for Vodafone UK’s B2B team. They needed a unified design that would slightly vary across their 12 business regions. Each region would have a unique hero, intro message and short ‘stories section’ highlighting the actual news and changes. The design was to be kept in the Vodafone ain branding, that included saturated images, specific colours, icons and typography.

Client: Vodafone UK
Date: 2017-03-08
Services: UX/UI, Email Design

A set of responsive email templates to deliver news and changes to B2B customers across Vodafone’s 12 regions.

The task was to redesign an old set of emails that served as newsletter templates for the company’s business customers. They divided these customers up to 12 regions, based on their locations. We decided to use these regions to personalize the email templates, and deliver some familiarity to each customer. This touch ended up raising the CTR by 26%. Keeping the company’s core branding elements, we used horizontal highlights in shades of grey to emphasize the importance of the news, as well as structure the content. This made it a lot easier for people to scan the emails and pick the most important or most relevant piece of news. We introduced colour coding for different types of news pieces, highlighting the icons with red, lilac or yellow.

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