The Soho Furniture Company

A full rebranding concept carried out for a New York based furniture startup.

The company offers refurbishing, interior decoration and hotel design and decoration with an emphasis on modern, mid century pieces and toned down colours. They needed a website that can host and showcase their complex profile, that explains all the services they offer and showcase their extensive portfolio.

Client: The Soho Furniture Company
Date: 2017-10-08
Services: Website Design, UX/UI


The task was to create a cross platform design that integrates a seamless booking interface and a great shop with a portfolio to showcase the company’s ongoing projects. We had to accommodate four sections within the services menu point, that is office and interior decoration, furniture design, furniture refurbishing services and an online store. We aimed at a smooth customer journey across all platforms, and to guide the visitor towards a booking interface. The main emphasis of the site was to get the visitors to book an appointment or get a quote from the company. That’s why we showcased a great selection of their past projects. The build-up of the site was a linear grid, with jump sections. Then we gave each section an emphasis using coloured highlights; blue (trust, loyalty and competence) and yellow (creativity, friendliness and warmth).

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