Qnergy app design

The yoga application designed to motivate and entertain GEN Z during the Pandemic


Qnergy is a subscription based, online platform for yoga lovers to keep up with their daily practice during the Pandemic

Qnergy is designed with a younger generation in mind, starting at the age of 12. The developers had a vibrant, youthful look and feel in mind, to ensure the audience is enjoying the app, even if they are completely new to yoga. The goal was to help a younger generation spend time with a new and healthy habit, while stuck at home. We created a smooth and easy UX/UI experience, including signup forms, video views, weekly progress checker, subscription page and more.

Client: Qnergy
Website: qnergy.com
Date: 2021-01-14
Services: Design, UX/UI, Mobile App


To create a compelling and easy to use yoga application aimed at GEN Z.


In most countries during the pandemic the first public places to get shut down were schools, entertainment centres, shopping malls, gyms, yoga and wellness studios. The lockdown lasted for months, when the idea of a second and possible third wave and consecutive lockdown emerged. This forced a generation of young people to cut their social life and hang out mostly at home. Lacking social interactions and sport activities young people were becoming increasingly agitated and restless, and the idea of life going back to normal soon was so uncertain, that a lot of youngsters became increasingly anxious about their life and future.


Our solution was to create an interactive yoga application that caters specifically to this generation. We wanted to offer a way to relax, exercise, meditate and participate in group activities, all at the same time. That’s how we came up with the idea of Qnergy, a yoga application specifically designed with gen Z in mind. According to The Economist, Generation Z is a more stressed and depressed generation in comparison to previous ones, and this prompted our design choices. We built our aesthetic on playful, rounded shapes, transitions and the use of bold colours: pink to embrace compassion, friendship and love; and light blue to emphasize peace, stability and tranquillity.