Nanushka – A contemporary House for the modern human

Nanushka delivers a modern, versatile, day to night wardrobe for the modern human with the aim of creating a new informal form of beauty. With clothing designed in Budapest and produced in Europe, the collections showcase the finest craftsmanship and materials.

Client: Nanushka
Date: 2016-04-06
Services: Design, Digital Branding, Website


A redesign concept aimed at the brand’s digital platforms and social media sites

A crossplatform redesign to create a fresh new look for the brand, emphasizing their vibrant visuals and the bold photography of their collections, with the main focus on creating a user flow that support purchases and store visits.

The task included creating a user flow, wireframes and a working prototype of both their mobile app and website. Setting up the colour palette and typography inkeeping with the brand’s visual identity.