The Business of Women

App design to help modern women in business connect, share and grow.

Client: The Business Of Women
Services: Design, Digital Branding, User Experience


An aplication for professional women in all fields and areas of business to connect, share their stories and broaden their network. Tasked to come up with a complete redesign for their their old interface I was asked to create a platform that is clean, mature and comfortable to use for design savvy women.


The design had to be unique, not too feminie and super easy to use. We aimed at creating an app that served busy women in all areas, and that was easy to understand for any age group. We needed to incorporate their currentnews feed, events platform and community page, while simplifying their sign up screens.


The project in work in progress. So far we managed to get the new colour palette set up, divided up the signup screen into 4 different steps, dedicating a screen for each, for an easier user experience. We also have an outline for the new news feed, community and events pages.